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I heard Chiara when she declared herself a “cyclist for love“!

Love for biking, love for the territory? Yes, but not only! In reality, she said she would do it for her love of her husband. He has been a cyclist since forever and we know that cyclists, the more kilometers they have traveled the more they would want to travel! So, several years ago Chiara climbed on a bike seat too and today she is my Bike Manager.

Chiara Montanari, owner together with her brother Claudio (who however prefers other sports ?), started off with a Bottecchia, went on for a Specialized, and settled with a Carrera.

She speaks English, French and German, in addition to Italian, of course, so that whether you are from Canada, Belgium, Germany or South Africa you can speak to her in your language.
I am Hotel Adlon and if you have read up to here it means you are also a cyclist.

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