Bike Tour: Roman Rimini

Although Romagna is best known today as a tourist destination, it has its roots in antiquity and has contributed to the shaping of Italian history in its most crucial times.

Here at the Hotel Adlon, we are proud of our origins and it is with pride that we share them with you.

Did you know, for example, that our ancestors go back even as far as Roman times?

In fact, Rimini was founded by this incredible civilisation in 268AD, at the mouth of the Ariminus river (today’s Marecchia) thanks to its strategic military position.

Signs of the profound contribution that they made, particularly in the early Imperial Age, are still visible today.

A guided bike ride to Rimini’s Roman sites is definitely the best way to lose yourself with us in history and step back more than 2000 years in time.

In addition to the spots that are known and loved by everyone, such as the Tiberius Bridge, the Arch of Augustus, the Domus del Chirurgo (the outside), Piazza Tre Martiri and the Amphitheatre, you will also find out about the “less” important and hidden ones such as the last milestone of the Via Flaminia, the crossroads between Via Emilia and Popilia and the traces of the Roman theatre.




Where: Rimini
Meeting Point: Bike Tour Rimini Via I clown (1970), 6
Activity / visit duration: around 3h
Length: around 15/20km
Type of clothing: comfortable – sports
Level of difficulty: Tourist – Excursionist
Distance in km from the Adlon: around 7km
Distance in minutes by car from the Adlon: around 15min
Distance in minutes by public transport from the Adlon: around 20 min
Participation / entrance cost: from €40 per person (minimum number of participants)
What is included:
– Hire of normal bike (city bike)
– Bike-tour guide
Bike-tour guide (English / French / German-speaking): included
Hire of normal bike (city bike): included
Services available on request and with a fee:
– private transfer
– E-bike
– Excursion backpack
– Helmet for adults and children
– Child seat

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