Safety and hygiene on vacation

Our dedication to guests health and
environmental sanitation

Anyone who has stayed with us before knows that safety has always been a priority. Attention to detail and cleanliness are the first thing we check every day.

Now, we have decided to be even more careful and scrupulous in sanitising the spaces you visit during your holiday.

Let us tell you what we do every day to ensure you have a peaceful holiday:


In the rooms and suites

We have always adopted a colour code method for sponges. This means that we have one colour just for the bathrooms, another just for the room surfaces, another just for the glass and another colour just reserved for the floors.

We use microfibre because it retains 99% of bacteria and is washable at very high temperatures.

To dust and sanitise the hard surfaces of the rooms and bathrooms, we use chlorine and alcohol-based detergents, which guarantee safety against viruses and bacteria.

We pay particular attention to the most “delicate” points of the room, namely the remote controls (which we will provide you with covered in appropriate sanitised film), the buttons on the safe, the toilet flush button and the door and window handles, as well as the wardrobes and showers, of course!

We also disinfect all switches and telephones, walk-in closets and home automation pushbuttons every day, for peace of mind.

When we have finished cleaning the room, we place the set of sponges and cloths in the special washing net and we take a clean one to use on the next room.

We wash the sheets at high temperatures to ensure the bacterial load is eliminated, and with each room change we wash the quilts and bedspreads and sanitise the curtains.

We decided to remove the room directory and other paper materials from the desks and tables in the room, because they are frequently handled but are difficult to sanitise.

For instructions on how to use the air conditioning, TV, home automation system and safe and other useful information, such as the schedules for meals, the spa and our activities, you can call us on +39 0541 643550.


In the common areas

Hands are always disinfected at the Adlon!

Here you will find dispensers with hand sanitiser in all the most strategic points, for example in the bathrooms in the hall, at the hotel entrances, between the reception desk and the bar, on each floor next to the elevator door, at the entrance of the dining room, at the door to the Spa and at the turnstile of the Joy Play Park.

We disinfect door handles, lift buttons and switches several times a day.

We are also very careful at the bar! Our cups, saucers and glasses are safe because our dishwashers wash at high temperatures and with specific detergents.

At the same time, on request, we can serve you in disposable containers. We disinfect the bar counter after practically every coffee.

You will notice our cleaning staff pass by more often than usual in the common areas, because we have intensified our attention to the most frequented areas of the Adlon.

We work hard every day to guarantee that the Adlon is safe for our guests, our staff and ourselves. This means introducing new and increasingly effective cleaning protocols.

If you would like to know more details, feel free to ask us. We will be glad to inform you about all the careful measures we have adopted to ensure you enjoy a carefree holiday filled with nothing but smiles!


In the restaurant rooms

At the Adlon, we have a lot of space with different rooms for your breakfasts, lunches and dinners. Choose between the panoramic restaurant with a sea view, the veranda and the floor garden, all of which are just a short walk away from the sand of our beautiful beach.

We disinfect the tables and chairs with each use and set them with disposable non-woven placemats, as well as providing you with the cutlery.

We disinfect the condiments that we bring to your table, and you can rest assured that all dishes and glasses, including the water jugs, are washed in the dishwasher at high temperatures, using special disinfectant detergents that completely destroy the bacterial and viral load.

We guarantee you privacy and safety, even at the table!

So enjoy your meal and our amazing view of the Adriatic sea!

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