The largest miniclub in Riccione

Joy Play Park

One thing is certain, in Riccione the only one that has so much joy within its walls is me, hotel Adlon! Are you thinking of the usual miniclub? Noooo!

Let’s add:

110 sq. meters of space for indoor games + 200 sq. meters of outdoor area with inflatables and a stage.
Together with the entertainers here you can enjoy playing a thousand games!

Are you creative? Check out the Art Attack area! Are you a champion at Table Football? Here we are serious about it!

If you are very small, one of those that still crawl or walks a little bit uncertain, we have a space dedicated to you with colored, funny animal-shaped beanbag chairs, large, soft and modular constructions.

If instead you are quick on your feet, try the boards, the kid-sized tables and the chairs, the giant Forza4, the rocking horses, the mushroom-shaped cabins, the house of discoveries…

And the inflatables? Those are really cool!

Are you older? Oh, I know what you are thinking. That I’m a Hotel just for babies! But this is not true! I am equipped also for your needs and able to offer: ping pong, professional table football (careful, our entertainers are experts ready to challenge you!), Wii, Playstation4 and Xbox.

And then shows, dances, comedy challenges, swimming in the pool, evenings with shows, karaoke and puppets.


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