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Our guides

These are people who have done more biking than walking, who used up 2 pairs of shoes a year, who change tires every 4 months, who go on a bike ride even with 1 degree Celsius in January.
People that jump on their bike seat 5 minutes before the start time because the passion for biking and feeling their muscles work and heart pump is their driving force.
They know the territory like the back of their hand, in fact they are also Adlon Team Bike guides.

Guided Bicycle Tours 5 days a week: group outings for different levels of difficulty and training

+ Espresso Group: For the most ambitious, fit cyclists who have already hundreds of kilometers under their wheels, a new challenge every day on our hinterland’s most breathtaking ascents, past ancient hamlets clinging to bare outcrops with stunning views of the sea and the surrounding hills. Average speed on the flat 27/30 km/hour. Preferred routes climbs and flat land.
+ Tiramisù Group: For lovers of long bike-rides who are looking for contact with nature and want relaxation and enjoyment. Average speed on the flat 20/27 km/hour. Preferred routes hills and flat land.
+ Caffelatte Group: for the lovers of “sweet-bike”, who loves soft climbs and wish to stop and taste aroma and flavor of our Romagna Land, for then to get back in tune with the environment.  Average speed on the flat 18/25 km/hour. Preferred routes gentle hills and flat land

+ E-BIKE Tour: to cycle up the steepest slopes with a smile on your lips

Service available for min. 8 people.

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