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I am Hotel Adlon, and in 2023 I turned 60 years old. Quite a big number, right? And one that merits a nice big celebration.

I was born on 11 May 1963 from the dream of Marta and Luigi that became reality. They built me right on the beach, realising that this position would bring me the great joy of hosting travellers with dreams of sleeping by the sea.

They opened my doors and established the values of hospitality that still today guide Chiara and Claudio Montanari, the children of Marta and Luigi (who are now also parents themselves).

When I see the two of them there in the office behind the reception desk, working passionately to continue to make me greater, I remember when they were small children napping in that very same room beside their mum and dad.

The important work of Papa Luigi is carried on by Claudio, who has brought me to a new level of efficiency that I am very proud of with his drive to always provide the very best service to guests and his passion for statistics and technology!



Chiara, (lucky for me she exists!) imparts her delicate but joyful flair to every corner of the hotel. Her touch is everywhere: the rooms, halls and dining room. Everything is always fresh, cared for and loved.

Chiara is also the bike manager and she is the one who accompanies cyclists to discover the routes that our land seems to have created specifically to bring joy to them.

With a rich history in our past, we are proud of our present and work every day for a future built on the values we believe in: respect, growth and trust.


We have had 60 fabulous years of welcoming people to Riccione from all over the world. Thousands of families have been hosted between our walls, hundreds of friendships were born here and an infinite number of emotions have been experienced.


This is a family-run hotel, (Chiara and Claudio, sister, and brother) with fantastic staff and facilities. I am just back from a week-long stay in the Adlon with 20 friends – we were on a cycling holiday. It caters for families as well. Everything about this hotel, without exception, is 5 stars.
All the staff are professional and friendly and provide top-class service: reception, housekeeping, restaurant (waiting and cooking) bar, and cycle tour leaders.

Leonard K from TripAdvisor

Wonderful bike tour with Hotel Adlon. All the staffs are very helpful and cheerful. Nothing to complain.

alien0614 from TripAdvisor