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Holidays in complete safety

Welcome to Riccione! Welcome to the Hotel Adlon 🙂

Here your holidays have always been safe and we are working with an even higher level of attention than usual.
This is guaranteed by our professionalism and experience, thanks to which we have been offering high quality holidays since 1963.

Here at the Hotel Adlon in Riccione
Claudio and Chiara Montanari

Constant sanitisation

Anyone who has stayed here with us knows that safety has always been a priority. Attention to detail and cleanliness are the first thing we check every day. Now, we have decided to be even more careful and scrupulous in sanitising the spaces you visit during your holiday.

We adopt a colour code method for sponges. This means that we have one colour just for the bathrooms, another just for the room surfaces, another just for the glass and another colour just reserved for the floors. We use chlorine and alcohol based cleaning products, which guarantee safety against viruses and bacteria. We wash the linen using a professional method and at high temperatures.

We also disinfect all switches and telephones, walk-in closets and home automation pushbuttons every day, for peace of mind.
All the dishes are safe because they are machine washed at temperatures that break down any impurities.

You will notice our cleaning staff pass by more often than usual in the common areas, because we have intensified our attention to the most frequented areas  of the Adlon.

If you want to learn more, you can read additional information here >


Clear and understandable signage

We have placed distance markers and information signs in every room of the hotel, to help you keep your behaviour safer. In this way, you will always know how to get around safely.


Sanitising gel dispensers

You will find various pump dispensers for disinfecting your hands and sanitising other objects throughout the hotel. It is easy to wash your hands frequently, wherever you are.

The only word you need to keep in mind is “relaxation”.


Entertainment activities

For all children aged 3 years and up (and even grown-ups), here at the Hotel Adlon there is a entertainment programme 7 days a week, with activities and fun that fully comply with the new behavioural rules.

To ensure safety and serenity for younger guests, all the staff will use personal protective equipment, and the entertainers will ask the children and parents to do the same so that they can play in the safest, most carefree way.

For younger children, this year we request a parent also be present during the activities.


Adlon Joy Park reserved for ADLON guests
Discover the fantastic new playground with entertainment directly by the sea and connected to the Hotel Adlon.This playground includes more than 450 square metres of indoors and outdoor space dedicated to all ages and is free for Adlon guests.


Eat & Drink

Eating outdoors with the breeze in your hair, enveloped by a sense of freedom: these are the holidays at the Hotel Adlon.

Picnic on the beach

At lunchtime, you can take your favourite dish by the sea! Here at the Hotel Adlon you can sample Chef Oliva’s dishes while comfortably seated under your beach umbrella on the shore.

Lunch and dinner in the garden

Here’s another opportunity to eat in the open air! There is a table waiting for you in the JOY garden, where meals are very special thanks to the breeze from the sea, the tranquility and large spaces.

Sea view restaurant
For those who prefer to enjoy meals in the classic way, the sea view room of the Hotel Adlon is so close to the beach that you can smell the sea while you enjoy your favourite dish. The buffet was already protected and now it will be even safer with new protective screens and the assistance of the staff. Together with the kitchen brigade, Chef Oliva will show you the dishes of the day so you can choose your favourite, which will then be served to you safely.

There are fining dining rooms where you can enjoy the serenity of a meal while seated at the table, all of which are arranged with the proper distance between the tables.

If you want to learn more, you can read additional information here >


Useful Info

Online check-in

Provide us with the information you need to complete the registration from the comfort of you home. So when you get here, all you need to do is to take the keys and you can go up to your room immediately, without queuing.

Adlon app

Find all the information you need to make use of the hotel services on your smartphone at all times.

Covid Manager

There is a contact person at the hotel for all services and information who is competent and constantly updated on everything needed to ensure you have a safe holiday.

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