The treatments

Your personalised massage awaits you on the 6th floor, in the panoramic Spa.

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1. Relaxing Massage

Its extraordinary effectiveness derives from its stimulation of the vein and lymph circulation, nerve regeneration, muscle relaxation and joint suppleness enhancement. It also normalises and regulates the respiratory function, generating a state of deep relaxation just like the moments before sleep.
This is a strongly personalised massage, since there is no standard procedure; the most effective techniques are chosen for each person in that specific moment of time.

duration 25’ Euro 35,00  – duration 55’ Euro 55,00


2. Plantar Reflexology

Our bodies’ health always stands on solid supports: our feet.

The aim of reflexology is to restore people’s inner balance and harmony. The main phase in this process is intended to reduce tension and encourage relaxation. The most immediate repercussion of the foot massage is on the nervous system and the vital energy circulation.
Reflexology does not provide a cure (the body treats itself) but its massage techniques help to restore the balance of the body’s organs and systems by stimulating the relevant zones.

duration 25’ Euro 35,00  –  duration 55’ Euro 60,00